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Monday, February 27, 2012

German character on display in Maren Ade's FOREST FOR THE TREES

Melanie...like Germany itself, is brimming with optimism until she acknowledges she is hard -wired for failure.

Also, see earlier post at http://hersuzanne76.blogspot.com/2011/03/linda-ronstadt-1977-07-poor-poor.html

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FANTASIES in Film . Part 2: Telling your Dreams

Conclusions? Ending nowhere.

KABOOM! A film made up of dreams as distinct yet connected as any free floating thought or impression. So do they add up?
Do they collide and intersect as we want them to ?
Both dreams and our subconscious consistently elude us, refusing to add or to move us to anywhere resembling a location or solution. If fantasy is behind our dreams, then as the movie continues, we begin to ask what drives the fantasy. And where is it taking us to? can it move us? Or is all we can hope for a visible rendering of the acceleration of deep thought?

FANTASIES in Film. Part 1: Dreaming in the Bathroom

Sexual desire may appear as unreal as a reflection in a broken mirror.
It is no coincidence that this KABOOM! sequence about a gay man desiring a Hetero woman starts out with sickness , moving straight to erotic attraction, by way of no causation other than color and fantasy. Araki's film gains intricacy over the early teen films in his ouevre due to the textural density and creative form in his latest film. Seeming simple is easy when the only politics in your film are based on Cinema and it's complicated/complicating power to convey dreams.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Meaningless chitchat tempers the crime around which the 2.5-3 hrs of ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA pivots towards and away from.
The search for grisly evidence is detailed in a whisper of wind sounds and quiet glances. There is also endless chattering on, about quotidian bullshit, by the people who search.
I cant guess the point, I can't even pinpoint the affect, borrowed and diluted as it is.
So there you are, familiar formalism, but farewell new light. All the light here is borrowed and blue, cornered and careful. The tone is gentle and it alleviates any real emotion behind whatever real crime (that would be murder) has given us this chance to gather together.

Ceylan's film is, for me, at the least a great attempt to illustrate distraction. People chatter away and it is to run in the forest and forget how circular, small and meaningless their role is. And this is what happens here in ANATOLIA's world.
Watching the film i imagined a song like poem was occurring, uniting the nighttime calls of grass, trees and an occasional owl that were singled out by Ceylan.
I heard them morph into something more polished and personal and pop. Here . Lana Del Ray's song is an apt example of what I sang to myself. And the man was not only dying...he was dead.

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