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Trash Humpers
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

best of 2014 SO FAR...updated

top films of year
only ranking my # 1 choice...everything else is in a group--no further rankings












best  transformational voyage:  LAND HO!

 best genre film of the year:  A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES

 excellent docs:  TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER
                             THE OVERNIGHTERS

other films that stuck with me and feel like they'll be revisited for critical worth:

INTERSTELLAR (fuck haters)

Monday, November 17, 2014

happy endings

Abrupt but not unbelievable; suddenly incongruous yet totally satisfying. Sometimes happy endings occur hastily, and  against all reason.  To make it work reveals the skill of production.
Think about some of the dark films that are expected to end with the culmination of misery that they've been tracking all along, but then they sideline us with blind optimism.

Contrary to hope, there is happiness in store for us.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Flattened Out: Lands Explored in ADIEU AU LANGAGE

The challenges of depicting interior experience  can account for a social distance remaining uncrossed.  To discount the inner world, to be unable to access others or your own, is to perpetrate a flat, protected world, one of images doubling as obstacles,  those that are impossible to penetrate.
One could imagine a group of people at a societal gathering; say a book fair, and the people are so accustomed to remaining curled up inside their own denial of the depth of inner experience that they refuse to discuss the books with one another or to interact; their main experience is of flashing and swiping, heads pointed town at the flat digital outputs of their smartphones.

One can imagine an uneven love affair, or how all true love affairs
are uneven; one must love more and therefore hurt more than the other. At one point in ADIEU AU LANGAGE  Godard's narrator states something about how once an animal as a pet has  directly met the gaze of a person, there is no going back, there is no more of being exactly two. Like lovers, like parents and children, they have seen each other because they both have bothered to LOOK:   they are connected through specific  recognition; of inner life and mutual feeling.
They are no longer two, and yet as we hear this we see the dog alone.  One imagines the dog, or any animal that is kept by a human, is the one who bears the burden of longing. One can not imagine that the person who has imprisoned this animal with our love and dictates the terms is the one who ever feels the pain associated with that love as the dog.  The person imprisons by deciding when they'll see the dog; we decide how much time we have and how much love we will allow ourselves to give.

This is doubly true in a couple of man and woman or woman and woman and man and man. It is a societal idea; a political need for reliance on a flattening out ; an easier way to disseminate and sell images and stories; that has chained us to our technology and flattened out what was once made of flesh that could be held and felt; not just shared in a gaze/  The one who can not decide when they love is the one who looks longingly to feel that love they were glimpsed.  It is teased with; the gaze of a lover when they see your soul and then the denial of interior oneness as they pull away and control the intensity is not unlike defining the boundaries of love with a pet.

In another iteration of this idea, Godard shows us a dog in war. And his narrator says something about the dog as a soldier.  He is the soldier of love, the less loved of the two, and he will sacrifice for what is greater than him alone.

ADIEU(goodbye, farewell) . AH DIEUX (oh, Gods).  More puns from Godard, but also they are extensions of one thing into another object. We have one thing that is now two things and if both are added together there is a destruction of the first; it is no longer a flat label but it is an extension; a protrusion , like adding a dimension to see something flat protrude into something tangible.
Elements of collage used before by Godard, oh yes, but also now it is speicifally reflecting the idea of    a single image, idea or word altered and illuminated by the generation of multiple meanings; multiple sides; three dimensions.

Echoing the flatness of our relations with one another, is the flatness of our ecstasies and sorrows.
The new film is flooded with gestures of lovers, but there is a schism between acting in love and being in love; one unavoidably crystal when seeing these people together. Their life is surrounded with a hideous lack of depth; the large flatscreen television in their home plays a classic Hollywood film in a shitty looking format. The most exciting discussion of literature is of Solzenhitsyn, but the conversation is stilted by the limitations of human's ability to delve inside and to connect to one another. The poetry and humor of Godard's film shows this by a series of searches for pictures of Solzenhitsyn on cellphones.

The destruction of depth is nothing but a result of one plus one.  Is this a depthless land we reach by way of (1) refusing to love limitlessly PLUS  (2) chaining our intellectual experiences to the army of the new; to the propagation of images sold on the web; the amazon booklist.
Jacques Ellul is mentioned, and i've only read his book Propaganda.(the author but not that book is  specifically mentioned in Godard's film),  This is a book very much about social change affected by political parties owning philosophy; controlling what we buy and what we see, but not through laws, rather through IDEAS. The application of one plus another to equal two is an element of collage, the duality of dimensions to add up to their implosion and rebuilding; the 3d  of the film is used as a readjustment or a corrective in its design.

There are many more complicated ideas and layered structures of film and philosophy at work.  Others are and will continue to explore them. The land of the loveless and the land of the half loved; dogs and people both, is a minefield of fascination for me.

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