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Monday, January 28, 2013

FLIGHT: A Descent in Five Movements

                                             FLIGHT:   A Descent  in Five Movements

Robert Zemeckis' FLIGHT is a film of two big events, many uncontainable emotions and 5 major internal movements of the protagonist's psyche.

His ego and his talent are earned and unnerving.  His disposition wavers between ultra charming and vicious.  His psychological moods can only be controlled from the outside.  He is handsome and he behaves like a cad.  He is scared to be alone.  He may sound recognizable because he is an addict.  he is one who still suffers, who is in the midst of a major movement ( an arc, a flight, if you will) within the course of his disease.   This movie was made to chart that.

Here are some images detailing the burden of  carrying a beast on one's back, and the  struggle to seem in control.

Denzel devastates as Whip Whitaker  because he is simultaneously so recognizable (in handsome visage, in iconic laugh + voice + rapid mood shift) and so invisible within the role.

He is very proud.  He is dependent on that semblance of power;  which is the saddest, least proud lie.

His lies pour out of him like milk in a collander, though for much of his flight he will look you square in your eye, acting like a steel container holds his milk.

His sadness is contagious, though he will not get close enough for you to catch it.

                                                     1st movement:              swagger

in control.

                                                 2nd movement A):          feelings of danger + fear

feelings creep in .

                                                   2md movement B):   feelings of danger + fear

 Keep wearing the mask, though it's paint starts to chip and wear.

                                                                3rd movement:         need + dependence

I'm scared. i need help. I am still sick so i can only demand you do what i tell you.  Love me.  Provide for me.


                                                         4th movement:  swagger

I just lost my mind in front of my wife and son, who express hatred and disgust for me.  But i'll step out their front door and within 30 seconds i'll adjust my mask and smile.

                                                         5th movement:    i am alone. help me.

I'm sick of myself .  I'm sick of my disease.  My life is a circle. Help free me.

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